Ghana is unarguably a beautiful and peaceful country, with lots to see, stuff to try and activities to engage in. Yes, you would have already heard about the Kakum National park, Mole game reserve, Buabeng Fiema Monkey sanctuary, Nzulezu and Wli waterfalls among others. You may have seen and engaged in certain cultural activities here too. Well if you have, then good for you! Guess what? Unfortunately you have been shown just a handful of the beautiful gems this country has.

Some of the least talked about attractions in Ghana can be found in Bolgatanga which is in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Pssst! This place holds some of the most adventurous and unusual attractions for you as an audacious traveller. No worries if you don’t think you are the exploratory type. We will still love to tell you about some of these unusual attractions in Bolgatanga which are worth experiencing.

The Donkey Ride

The Donkey, which comes from the horse family is a domesticated animal which is used as a working animal in Bolgatanga. Donkeys are a usual sight in Bolgatanga. They are not seen in the Southern, Western or Eastern parts of Ghana. It is fun to ride the Donkey and take in the beautiful sights of the town in the morning or the cool of the evening. Make an addition to your adventure list with a Donkey ride!

Oxford Street, Bolga

Yep, there is an Oxford street in Bolgatanga too and guess what? It never sleeps! Enjoy spicy barbeque with locally brewed beer (Pito) among many other delicious delicacies on a night out. Oxford Street is the place to be if you decide to spend the night out of your hotel room.

Bolga Basket Market

The basket market holds a vast array of artistically woven baskets which meet both functional and decorative purposes; interior décor, grocery shopping, storage and laundry among others. This is the place to visit to get a well-made African basket for your home or office.

Tongo Hills and Shrine

For the love of nature! The Tongo Hills and Shrine is a rocky section in Bolgatanga which lets you see the beauty in rocks. It is a marvellous sight to see the peculiarly different architecture and ancestral shrines under the great Baobab trees which make up the homes of some of the inhabitants in the area.

There’s more to see here in Bolgatanga. Getting a great tour package from Akayet Hotel is actually what you need to experience these marvellous places.


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