01 September 2019

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From the Mojitos to the Margaritas, cocktails are known to add sparkle and cool twist to hangouts and dates. The bar scene in Bolgatanga was a sad scene and in simple words “none-existent” till the arrival of the cutting-edge cocktails of Akayet Hotel in late 2015. Since then, lovers of cocktails have been saved the mess of half-decent cocktails and night outs have never been the same again. Thanks to the creative heads and skilled hands of the bartenders in Akayet Hotel.

Mixing drinks and other ingredients in the right proportions to make the right cocktails which keep you ordering more glasses requires the right craftsmanship and that is the experience our bartenders keep giving our cherished customers.

There’s a drink for every mood and occasion. For that matter, we have outlined some of the best cocktails on our menu for you to give a try during your next visit to Bolgatanga. No worries if you like your glass extra strong or mild, our bartenders are attentive to your wishes.

Walk On The Moon

Ready to be the next “astronaut” to walk on the moon? Great! Just that this particular journey to the moon is done without a space ship. Give yourself a treat with a glass of Walk On The Moon which contains the right proportions of Monin Cherry Liqeur, Absolute Vodka and Coca-Cola which have been skilfully mixed and served with love. Raise your glasses and let’s toast to a fun trip to the moon and back!

Good Night Kiss

The best way to end your night out is with a glass of Good Night Kiss and no other way. Grab a glass of this cocktail and treat your taste buds to the skilfully mixed Monin Cane Sugar, Campari, Drop Angostura Bitters and Sparkling Water served creatively and with love.

Min Ginger Yoyo

Let’s tickle your senses with a glass of Mint Ginger Yoyo. Let’s see how good you’ll be at detecting the Monin Ginger Syrup, Root Ginger Juice, Apple Juice, Mint and Monin Bar Lime. These are just a few of the cocktails on the menu which are revolutionizing the cocktail scene in Bolgatanga. See you at the bar when you get to town (wink).

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