In just a space of some few months, the world has been thrown into an overwhelming health crisis. COVID -19 has hit the world so hard that the realities we face are unimaginable.

 For us at the Akayet Hotel, our values of service, integrity, solidarity and respect for the dignity of each person will be strong in our hearts, mind and actions in these challenging times. We all have a social responsibility to act in the best interests of our communities and the world at large.

 There are so many uncertainties about COVID-19, so much that is beyond our control but, fortunately, there are some things we can also do to minimize the spread of the virus. We know all life is interconnected (we can hardly deny that now). We know our actions and inaction will be a determining factor. 

At the Hotel, we have put some of our services on hold and have decided to channel all our energy and resources towards raising awareness through social media and other media platforms. We will join efforts – ‘socially distanced’ but together in heart and in mind – we will use all means possible to make our people and customers aware of their individual responsibility to take the recommended precautions in the face of these challenging time.

 We equally hope to send out positive energy to our communities as this is not the time to be too afraid. It is our hope and prayer that we will all come out on the other side healthy.

Let’s keep safe, Let’s keep hearts of hope and positivity.


NB: Self-quarantine is recommended for individuals who been directly expose to the new Coronavirus or have history of travel in effected and heavily populated areas.

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